Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do most of your customers live?

A: We work with people in Treasure Valley, in Southern Idaho, mostly in Boise, Eagle, Nampa, Meridian and surrounding areas. We have customers working with food trucks in Eastern Oregon and Northern Utah as well.


Q: Do you remodel food trucks?

A: Yes, we can take a look at your current truck and give you an estimate and ideas according to what you want done. We currently don’t buy older trucks and remodel them, we only work with the owners.


Q: How long does a new trailer take to build?

A: Because our work is completely customized, start to finish, we usually need at least 3-4 weeks on your foodtruck. It depends on the appliances and other inserts you order, and what the timing the other manufacturers offer. Call for a consultation and get on our calendar, we are usually booking 3-4 weeks out.


Q: Do you make other types of trailers?

A: Yes, we design and build all kinds or trailers and trucks. We can manufacture cargo trailers, toy haulers and all types of mobile businesses. For example the health care sector for doctors, dentists, the Red Cross for blood donations, mammograms, hearing testing and other types of mobile health care.