About Us

Ozzie and Brenda Rodriguez are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of their Foodtruck, Concession, Cargo and Toy-hauler trailer business in Nampa, Idaho called Food Concept Idaho. While their specialty is custom-designed concession trailers with purpose-built kitchens, they also branch out into any kind of cargo or custom trailer. Ozzie has been designing and building trailers for almost 23 years, while Brenda has worked in customer service and as a licensed cosmetologist.  As residents of Idaho for the past 18 years, the Rodriguez’s have been building a family business – that is now capitalizing on the rise of foodtrucks in the Treasure Valley.

New trailers are completely custom. Ozzie has experience in all facets of the design and build process from blueprints and cost calculations to welding, metal work, plumbing, wiring, appliance install, cabinetry and more. They build trailers from the axles up, with the chassis weight balanced for hauling all the contents safely and with ease.

Every quote starts with an in-depth consultation, so they can understand the workflow, goals and required equipment. Wood-fired pizza ovens, gas ovens, steamers, grills, fryers, cutting surfaces, food storage, shelves, sinks, refrigerators;  everything is put in the plan and designed in for efficiency, customer service, weight and balance. Windows and door placement is critical for employee traffic , workflow and serving customers.  Power, water, air conditioning – even a built-in bathroom for one client, are all combined to make a mobile kitchen useful, comfortable and still cost efficient.  In addition, health codes and requirements are all considered and Food Concept Idaho has a 100% inspection pass rate on new trailers.

Food Concept Idaho also specializes in all kinds of foodtruck remodel, repair and renovation. With so many foodtrucks entering business in the Valley, the demand for repairs has been very high.  Ozzie and Brenda will take a look at any trailer, truck or other vehicle and provide an estimate to bring it to code for health and kitchen inspections. One recent renovation they completed is for Chef Gee, a mobile sushi-bar built from a bus. This required very innovative designs and it is truly a unique work of art and functionality.

Ozzie and Brenda credit their team with the quick work and quality they are able to deliver.
Food Concept Concession Trailers
2511 2nd St South
Nampa, Idaho 83687